10 Tips For A Successful Product on Creative Market

There are over 250 000 products on Creative Market  and this number is increasing all the time. As a letterer and designer on the look out for awesome products, this is great, but as a shop owner how can I get my product noticed?


1. Ask yourself how can people benefit from my product. The best lesson I learnt whilst developing my first product was that you need to look at what you're creating as a tool; the people using it are buying it to help them create their own work so you need to ask yourself the following question. Firstly, how is this going to help others? and can I make it easier for them to use? secondly, “‘does it look great? and Would I buy this myself? Usability and style are key.


2. Study the successful products on Creative Market. Researching is a great way to find a gap for your own product to shine. One huge thing that you will notice is that successful products provide visual inspiration for  how the product will be beneficial. Don't only 'make' a helpful product but 'show' how it can be beneficial.


3. Produce a visually stunning cover - you know the saying, "Never judge a book by its cover." Well, that's rubbish. It's the first thing people will see and it is a chance to show off the strengths of the product. So make sure to have a strong title, beautiful imagery and maybe a few 'call to action' holders. You want to make it as clear and as punchy as possible. Avoid lots and lots of text - nobody will read it.


4. Design clear and easy to follow instructions - I recently put together a cheap cupboard from a high street chain and the instructions were shockingly hard to follow. It left me feeling frustrated and I lost all faith in the brand. It's the same for your products; even if you have developed the best tool on Creative Market if you can't use the damn thing easily then all your work is in vain. Clear visual instructions with easy to read short sharp steps are the best and if you can create tutorials then you're onto a winner.


5. Get feedback - There may be areas that you've missed, maybe the instructions aren't as clear as you thought. Feedback can really help tighten up your product and improve it. Creative Market  has an amazing community so reach out  for testers. Their opinions could really make a difference.


Now that you have a kiss ass product. You're ready to launch it to the world and by putting all that love and effort into it you have given your product the best chance of being successful. Heck, you may even get featured by the Creative Market team. But there are  no guarantees so here's how you can also support your product...


6. To advertise your product in the physical world you would make posters and put them up in places where your target audience hang out. The digital world is the same. The amazing cover image and inspirational examples you created can be repurposed and turned into 'posters'. Share it on your website, blog and social media. Be clear to tell people what it is, how it can help them and where to buy it. Be thoughtful to post in relevant places.


7. But I don't have any online presence? I don't have many followers and I don't have a blog. So team up! There are tonnes and tonnes of blogs and websites with thousands of followers that relate to your product so write a careful and polite email to them all and ask if they can feature your product. Most blogs are looking for awesome content for their audience so reach out to them. Consider a giveaway. You have to add value to their blog or site so a giveaway is a great way to attract an audience and give value to the blog/site. Oh, and maybe it's time to start your own small blog too : )


8. Remember step 5 - get feedback. The people who have given feedback are now invested in your ideas so ask them to help spread the word and repost on their blogs, websites and social media too.


9. Create and share a video tutorial. It's another great way to show off your product and people can instantly see how it will benefit them.


10. The Creative Market community is a great place to ask questions and by getting involved in the forums you'll start building  awareness for when you launch a product so go and get involved.


Good luck with creating your product, I hope this has helped and please feel free to get in touch if you have specific questions in building your product.